Designer Dresses in India – Elegancy with Culture and Style

The Indian woman is indeed blesses as she has a plethora of styles and designs, both Indian and western, to choose from. The latest trends of designer dresses in India have a fabulous mix and match selection that combines Indian tradition with western sensuality. Brightly colored, glittering with sequins, stones, beads, mirror and glass work these dresses indeed a treat for the eyes. Be it the long draping sari, the voluminous ’ lehenga’ or the baggy ‘ Patiala’ salwars, every item of ladies’ wear in India is a masterpiece of ethnic beauty coupled with modern market trends.

Hand embroidered dresses are a unique feature in India using chicken work, kantha stitch, bandhej and batik print, zardosi and zari work. Another form of hand embroidery is the appliqué work which uses colorful bits of cloth that are cut artistically and sewn on to the base material to create all sorts of motifs and patterns. Embroidery is an art and there are generations of such artists who work on fabrics, leather and all sorts of base material. These patterns and designs are continuously updated, all kinds of raw materials are used to keep pace with the times and result in unique as well as long lasting creations. These dresses spell out the excellent creativity of the craftsmen who are driven by the motive to provide exceptional value to their customers.

Designer tops are unique pieces that are made to order using the customer’s personal ideas and advice. They are embellished with all kinds of stitches, colors, braids and tassels that make each piece a show stopper. The Indian woman is easily the most eye catching individual, dresses in all her finery which she tastefully matches with suitable jewelry and other accessories.

Urban styles in India have undergone a remarkable change over the past couple of decades. The dresses are more contemporary and global, though the essential Indian look is carefully maintained. There are so many varieties and ranges to explore that shopping for a special occasion is not only mind boggling but also a physical strain. Though making rounds of the markets, window shopping or purchasing remains a favorite delight for all ladies, it does become necessary to look for alternatives when time becomes precious. The answer lies in ordering online where creative designers and fashion houses have picture galleries of their latest arrivals and creations. The large number of sellers online creates very reasonable and competitive prices, quality material and ever changing new looks that beckon customer to shop for all sorts of party wear dresses onlineIn case of a problem, they allow a week to ten days to ask for a replacement or even a refund of the money paid. These outlets offer off and on season discounts, attractive offers with easy payment facilities. Most accept cash on delivery and all forms of debit cards. The facility is so customer friendly that online shopping is not only here to stay but might replace, in a major way, the existing markets outside.

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So go shopping for female dresses online, as long as you want, when you want and how you want without the fear of dropping dead.


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