“The silhouettes are sleek compared to the flowing designs used in summer. The hem-lines go shorter as people want to avoid fabric sticking to their skin as they walk in the rain,”Designer Dresses

Must be wondering what’s being the call for trend for the week?

Confused about what to wear and what to spare? Crop Top

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Top,Crop Top

So, this trend update brings out to you the most unleash styles that are real trendy for the upcoming week. Ladies Tops

From your very spring closet till your glamorous make up kit …you get all of it here.

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Top

Well guys!!!!….Finally you have all options to flaunt your skin by wearing those small little quirky shorts…those were real impossible to carry coz of tanning and sun allergy. If in any chance it was the reason…So…Monsoons are going to be the most privileged time for you Shirts Online

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Top

To just not bother much about that mild sun outside and that too…Sometimes! Get ready and pick out all of your cute little stuff outside because it is the real time to flaunt all of em…

Just not this there are things like COLORS…which even do matter.

Cocktail Dresses,party Dresses,Ladies TopsLike…“Monsoon is all about colors. All colors from saffron to blue and beige and even black and white, but used in a very different style, are in vogue. It’s about mixing the right color with the right fabric.”

The fashion mantra during monsoon is style with comfort. Put your focus on bold color other than going for the dull ones. Women who love to wear ethnic outfits can get rid of dupattas and play around with shrugs and scarfs, suggests Vohra.

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Top

“Dupattas are done to death. So I would reckon do something different like, wear a shrug over anarkali. Most Indian women are comfortable with a dupatta; so they can use it as a stole or a scarf and play around with it”.

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Top

Accessorizing in the minimalist but the right way is also important.

“Accessorize your look according to your body type. If it is for the western wear, then minimize it. Simplicity is in”.

Cocktail dresses,Party Dresses

Like check this out…. http://stykin.com/golden-floral-dress.html

Even you can go for florals as they are in http://stykin.com/high-low-dress.html

Considering how messy it gets while walking through the clogged roads and streets, flip-flops emerge as clear favorite footwear among boys, while colorful ballerinas are popular with girls.
“During this season, there is a demand for colorful flip-flops and closed shoes. People tend to avoid canvas and go for PVC material and rubber soles that provide a firm grip. Again, we see a preference for brightly colored ballerinas among the young girls,”

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Tops


Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Tops


Umbrellas are a unisex must have during the rainy season.

Cocktail Dresses,Party Dresses,Ladies Tops

“Invest in different, colorful funky gum boots and umbrellas. Don’t use the boring grandpa black umbrellas and do wear fabrics that dry quickly,”


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