Innovate Your Own Denim Style

Innovate Your Own Denim Style


“The Classic Fashion”

Today, Classic Fashion, if we are to define it with one word: That’s DENIM. There are unnumbered & infinite ways for a person to express his/her expressions through variant classics “Denim”.Denim is variety, Denim is funk, Denim is everlasting & Denim is fun”. Millions of  ideas you can even innovate out of these denims its always an excitement & fun to play with denims…Rugging, Patching, Painting even Embroidery & Lots More that Can be experimented on denim wear and the best part  of doing this is you …yourself become the innovator creation of your own look. Now, what else you ever looked for? You can customize your according to your own desire.



Here are the few ideas you can implement while you start:


PLAY WITH YOUR OLD DENIMS…and discover the best out of scrappy embellishments

  • First be sure of what look you want you can play through various ways.
  • Make sure before scraping your most lovable denim you know the enact look you looking for.
  • Have this idea you start?
  • You can place buttons even you can attach some patches of fabric or even you can search patches available in the market.
  • You may scrap your jeans depending upon how flaunty you want it to be.
  • You may scrap it partially but:
  • Note: Not to cut too deep else the weave may get disturbed due to cut.
  • You Can finely using needle attach shimmers after forming an imprint with chalk or pencil color.
  • Using the imprint you can luck the shimmers on the right alignment.

Tips even more…

Embellishments you may go for:

Adhesive Shimmers:

  • Attaching adhesive fabric shimmers unto the denim making some patterns over it through it.

Foil – Coil Techniques:

  • You can even play with foil-coil sheets you can apply glue to  the back of the foil and place it unto the fabric.
  • Now create any design on backside of the foil by applying glue with a brush or a sponge.
  • Apply pressure without moving the foil.
  • Leave it to dry (say 1 hour).
  • You will find that the color of foil has been imprinted on you denim by then.


“Laces look really edgy if applied in right amount at the right garment…”

  • You can play with laces even applying laces to any garments gives & real edge to it. (say denim)
  • You can play with laces over any forms of denim.
  • Jeans Jackets, Capris or Shorts & Skirts.
  • Stitching lace to he hem of the shorts or jackets even pockets can be even embellished with laces.



Buttons & Threads:

“You may play with different patterns using buttons and threads it give a very creative and artistic look to the garment..”

  • Imprinting your desired pattern over the denim and after that tucking doing a running hand stitch over the denim give a very funky look to it.

Even the Patchwork:

“Patchwork is’nt new to anyone….everybody is aware how scraps of different fabrics …say prints , net etc ..etc look glamorous if used and especially in the case of denims it’s an awesome choice..”

Very famous and even accepted by many people in & around the world is the Patchwork technique. It can be even used on your denim garments to give a rugged look creating a funky & edging look to your denim.



Innovate even more using these ideas & Comment & like if it helped you to find your own style

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So keep  creating and keep innovating and don’t forget to – “Be Stylish.BeStykin”



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